Go to "Software Support/Software Downloads" and download the package from our website. A password is required to down load the package, please contact support@matchmycolor.com. After downloading the software install as Windows Administrator. Depending on the Colibri® package, pre-requisites may need to be installed separately.

If you select the package "...no pre-requisites", please make sure these programs are already installed on your PC:

  • Microsoft .Net Framework
  • Microsoft Visual C++ redistributable
  • Microsoft SQL Server Express (for a local database)

Colibri® supports SQL 2016 and newer.

After installation, Colibri® will guide you through the license request process. Complete the license request form and send to support@matchmycolor.com                     
For more information view the "Getting Started" video.               

All holders of a valid Support and Maintenance contract with matchmycolor are entitled to the latest updates and upgrades of the software. You will be contacted by matchmycolor or one of our distributors when a new Colibri® release version is available for download.
You will receive information on new features and instructions on how to install the new version. Contact support@matchmycolor.com for the password to download the software.

There are three different possibilities.

  • Set-up a local database on your PC or
  • Set-up a central database in your company network or
  • Set-up a cloud database

Contact support@matchmycolor.com for more information. 

  • Please verify your SQL Server is running. 
  • Access the Windows Services on your PC or server.
  • If the SQL Server is not running, click on Start.
  • If the SQL Server is running, click on Restart.

Note: in case your database is hosted on a server you could also make sure the SQL Browser is running.

Go to “Settings\Spectrophotometer”. On the right window side you will find a drop-down-menu listing drivers for various spectrophotometers. Please select your spectrophotometer and click on "Check Connection". Make sure your device is connected.

Contact support@matchmycolor.com or the Colibri® Distributor in your region and describe the issue as precisely as possible. Don’t forget to email the log file along with a screenshot of the error message if possible. You can find the log file by going to “Help\About Colibri\Logfile”.

Colibri®  supports Windows 7, 8.1, 10 and 11.

Yes, Colibri® formulation data can be sent to a dispenser.  Please download the document Connecting Colibri To A Dispensing Machine And Dispensing A Recipe and follow the instructions.

Colibri® can connect to machines supporting F- Link protocol such as; Corob, Dromont and dispensing machines supporting the UDCP protocol such as Füll. It also connects to the Fast&Fluid Management machines using an IDD driver, the PrismaPro software or the Universal Batching System.

Colibri® supports various instruments from Konica Minolta Inc, Techkon GmbH, Datacolor AG, X-Rite GmbH, BYK Gardner GmbH, and other Suppliers. Please contact support@matchmycolor.com for details.

Color standards, color spectrums, substrates, colorant sets or assortments, recipes, quality control jobs, color catalogs/color libraries.
To import custom or third party file formats please contact support@matchmycolor.com.

Yes. A Colibri® license is a specific software key for a PC.
After you have installed Colibri® on your new PC, you will be prompted to request a license. Complete the form and send the new license request along with the old “MachineName” to be replaced.
Only with this additional information, matchmycolor will be able to issue the correct license.

The “Colibri® Login” window only lists the last ten databases you connected to. If you're unable to find your database in the “Database” drop-down; please click on “New Connection”.
The “New Database Connection” window will open; please click on “Search Databases”. Once the search is complete, go to the “Database” drop down to view all existing databases.

You can execute both from the “Administration/Database Administration” window.
To back-up a database click on “Start” in the Backup window, then select a folder in which the .cbak file will be saved.
To restore a database; click on “Start” in the “Restore” window, the folder where the .cbak file has been saved will automatically open, then select the file.

Note: Only start the restore, if you want to overwrite the data in the database you are currently connected to.

No, this is usually not necessary. Within the same release (e.g. 3.8.6xxx) the Install Wizard will automatically uninstall the old build/ version.

Yes, this is possible.

Note: A Colibri® version can only connect to a database created with the same version. If the version is found to be older, you will be prompted to update to the same version. 

There are 4 types of Colibri® templates; Standard, Quality Control (QC), Color Matching and Report Templates.
By creating customized templates will help to simplify your daily work and at the same time increase productivity. For more information contact matchmycolor or your Colibri® distributor in your region.

The Expert System is a powerful feature, which enables the user to guide the software in the formulation selection. Colibri® calculates formulations based on optical data. The expert system allows the user to add other product/ process requirements to the calculation process, such as cost, heat resistance or light fastness etc.

Please contact support@matchmycolor.com for detailed information.

Colibri® ColorSpec enables creative and prepress designers, brand owners, manufacturers and material producers to use real colors in their artworks, to define color standards for their products, and to communicate brands and designs to their suppliers.

Colibri® ColorMatch enables recipe calculation on different substrates and ensures accurate matching of opaque, translucent and transparent colors as well as of metallic effects. 

Colibri® ColorTint is designed to control the dispensing of color products on tinting machines, whether you are handling; a new order or a repeat, correcting a color or completing an order.

Colibri® ColorQuality enables manufacturers and suppliers to manage and monitor the color of products produced.

The matchmycolor Plugin for Adobe Illustrator extends the scope of the Colibri® software to cover the design stage of color management and communication. Suitable for both creative and pre-press designers, it enables real color selection with unique Colibri® spectral color data for use in designs.
Custom Plugins are available for third party software on request. Contact support@matchmycolor.com for more information.

Solution integration services, includes the development of custom plugins and the connection of the Colibri® platform to hardware (spectrophotometers, balances or weighing equipment) and 3rd party systems. such as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Management Information Systems (MIS) and Laboratory Information Systems (LIMS).