Colibri® ColorTint

Colibri® ColorTint is designed to control the dispensing of color products on tinting machines. Whether you are handling a new order or a repeat, correcting a color or completing an order, ColorTint helps you to produce the quality your customer expects on every occasion, saving you time and money.

Colibri® ColorTint features and benefits include: 

  • Fast access to customer recipes developed from color standards and color catalogs
  • Accurate recipe transfer to dispensing improves quality of production
  • Simple workflows and automatic communication with your dispensing machine help to reduce time-to-supply
  • Customization to your filling conditions gives you the flexibility to supply to order
  • Easy connection to large enterprise networks facilitates scale up to production

Using Colibri® ColorTint together with ColorQuality and ColorMatch will help you manage the full color production process, improving customer service and satisfaction levels.

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