Colibri® ColorQuality

Colibri® ColorQuality enables manufacturers and suppliers to manage and control production.

 Colibri® ColorQuality features and benefits include:

  • Improved communication between management, production and partners
  • Increased cooperation between supply chain participants
  • Speedy assessment of the conformity of production to a standard under different illuminant conditions
  • Visual display of limits on screen, allowing you to check the suitability of your choices
  • Availability of the most common pass / fail criteria, including delta E (CIE Lab), CIE 94, CMC, FMC-2 and Hunter Lab
  • The chart mode, enabling you to see at a glance where and how deviations affect the color 
  • The template function, which allows you to optimize the workflow of final users by generating customized templates 
  • Selection of color strength methods, helping you to determine the quality and consistency of production batches
  • Compatibility with multi-angle measurement devices, allowing you to control the quality of your effect shades
  • The 3D chart, which allows you to monitor and view the quality of production

Colibri® ColorQuality communicates seamlessly with ColorMatch  and ColorTint enabling you to modify your recipe during the production process.

Additional options:

This novel tool allows you to view your color catalogues and standard collections in the CIELAB L a b or L C h color space. You can even add multiple color sets and view overlapping color gamuts. ColorMosaic displays true color hulls and color points and enables you to follow the color travel of your effect pigments. Make the right decision first time round – by viewing your final production samples in their true color space before approving new standards.

This optional connection to Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems allows easy scaling from a one-seat solution to an enterprise system with several hundred users and a central database.

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