Colibri® takes care – to make plastic fantastic

Demand is growing for new plastic materials with improved performance, together with new effects and the latest trend colors. The wide variety of applications ranges from agriculture, automotive parts, health and hygiene, and construction materials to durable consumer goods. The plastics industry requires technically advanced color management software that can take all these requirements and applications into account. Colibri® enables designers, specifiers and manufacturers to:

  • Check color feasibility for the respective plastic material 
  • Formulate solid, opaque, translucent and transparent shades 
  • Match and monitor color accurately in a wide variety of polymers without having to recreate colorant databases   
  • Select the best colorants for product performance and compliance, using an advanced expert system 
  • Match and monitor effect colors, using multi-angle spectrophotometers 
  • Optimize pigment load and maximize use of recycled materials

Colibri® helps the plastic industry to source and monitor colored materials globally, helping to reduce costs without compromising performance.