Colibri® takes care – to color your world

Whether they are developing paints and coatings for architectural, automotive or industrial applications, manufacturers require technologically advanced color management software with the flexibility to deliver the right color in the right quality first time round. Colibri® allows manufacturers to:

  • Check color feasibility in the respective application
  • Formulate solid, effect, opaque, translucent and transparent shades on different substrates (including metallic substrates and colored primers)
  • Calculate complex color recipes, using more than 10 colorants, for the auto-refinish market
  • Select the best colorants for product performance and compliance, using an advanced expert system
  • Match and monitor effect colors, using multi-angle spectrophotometers
  • Optimize pigment load and maximize use of left-over or waste materials from production

Colibri® helps paint and coating manufacturers to source and monitor colored materials globally, helping to reduce costs without compromising performance.