Colibri® helps provide the links to the inks

Ink manufacturers are constantly looking for new colors and special effects that make printed products stand out, and combine high performance standards with environmental compatibility. Ink color management software needs to be able to handle complex binder systems, different viscosities and substrates for offset, screen, flexographic and gravure printing.  Colibri® enables ink manufacturers to:

  • Check color feasibility using their inks systems
  • Formulate solid, effect, opaque, translucent and transparent shades
  • Match and monitor colors accurately on a wide variety of colored substrates, including plastic, metallized foils, films, and board or paper with different absorbations, without having to recreate colorant databases
  • Select the best inks for product performance and compliance, using an advanced expert system
  • Optimize pigment load and manage left-over inks from production

Colibri® helps manufacturers to source and monitor inks and colorants globally, helping to reduce costs without compromising performance.