Colibri 3.8.12 Build 20099 no pre-requisites

Colibri 3.8.12 Build 20099 with pre-requisites  (.NET Framework 4.7.2, Visual C++ 2015 Runtime Libraries, SQL Server Express 2012)

Colibri 3.8.12 Manual

Supported Software Versions:

What does “Supported” mean for you:
A software version that is launched and will be maintained for a certain period. The period will be defined by “End of Support”.
Supported versions will include bug fixes and emergency software changes.

What does “License keys replaced” mean:
The last date where you can request a software replacement key.

系统要求 对于 Colibri 3.8.12 和 20.x

 Windows 10 (全部64位)


无SQL Server Express: 推荐 2Mbit/s, 至少1 Mbit/s

Microsoft .NET Framework 4.7.2 或者更高

带本地SQL Server Express: 四核或更高 (64 Bit)

无 SQL Server Express: 双核或者更高(64 Bit)

带本地SQL Server Express: 8 GB 或更多

无 SQL Server Express: 4GB 或更多

With local Database: 20 GB of available Solid-state drive space
Without local Database: Approximately 2GB of available hard-disk or Solid-state drive space

带本地数据库: 20 GB 可用固态硬盘空间

无本地数据库: 大约 2GB可用机械或固态硬盘空间

1920x1080, 1920x1200, 不推荐更高 DPI显示

图形卡支持OpenGL 2.1 (仅为 3D 色域浏览)

串口 或者 USB 或 蓝牙 (视乎测色仪的型号而定)

对于本地数据库, Microsoft SQL Server Express Edition 2016 or 2019.

对微软SQL Server系统要求和许可,请参阅

- Mozilla Firefox
- Google Chrome
- Internet Explorer
- Microsoft Edge

Microsoft .NET Framework 4.7.2 或者更高

大约 1GB 可用的机械或者固态硬盘空间