matchmycolor develops new Color Plugin for design software for use together with GMG OpenColor

matchmycolor develops new Color Plugin for design software for use together with GMG OpenColor

matchmycolor develops new Color Plugin for design software for use together with GMG OpenColor

Colibri® Color Plugin for Adobe Illustrator enables brand owners and designers to select real colors for the production of globally consistent designs

matchmycolor, the creator of state-of-the art global color matching and communication software solutions, has created a new Color Plugin system for Adobe Illustrator design software, which will be demonstrated at the European Coatings Show in Nuremberg, March 19-21, and at INFOFLEX 2013 in San Diego, April 29-30. Colibri® Color Plugin, which has been developed for use together with GMG OpenColor, extends the scope of Colibri® software to cover the design stage of color management. Suitable for both creative and prepress designers, it enables them to access and choose real colors for their designs, facilitating color management and production and enhancing global consistency. Designers can work off-line, but need to connect to the Colibri® central database to ascertain color data approval status.

The new partnership between matchmycolor and GMG allows faster specification of real color throughout the global color supply chain in a wide range of industries. “GMG color management strategy and philosophy are exactly in line with our approach,” explained Dr. Michael Jakobi, Managing Partner at matchmycolor, who leads the global development of Colibri® software and develops technologically advanced IT solutions for the color supply chain.

“The unique, spectral-based color model provides better color simulations than any other proofing solution available,” said Victor Asseiceiro, Director Business Unit Packaging at GMG. GMG OpenColor directly accesses the Colibri® central, single-source database, allowing seamless transfer of color standards, catalogues and substrates as well as precise, predictable spot color simulation. Even overprinting behavior and color interplay can be checked. These features enable the creation of high-quality multicolor profiles simulating the printing behavior of diverse print technologies and media types – if necessary, without the use of ‘proprietary chart-based’ press fingerprinting.

Colibri® color management software has been developed for brand owners, designers, prepress and converters. Suitable for cloud-managed and on-premise hosting, it enables designs and artworks to be uploaded, saved in different formats and marked up for color monitoring. Colibri® determines color feasibility using selected industry colorant sets and monitors color with its in-built quality control system. It defines and manages brands, color standards (master and dependent), catalogues and substrates, including historization.

matchmycolor Colibri® and GMG OpenColor allow accurate management and communication of real color along the entire color supply chain – from design and specification of color, through production, to certification and supply of colored products, no matter what the application or industry.

About matchmycolor

Developed for the graphic arts, paints, plastics, fibers and ceramic industries, matchmycolor software has been built up over 50 years, backed by the combined experience of scientists, mathematicians, industry experts, colorimetry specialists and highly skilled software engineers. These key partners help to ensure that matchmycolor processes and workflows fit industry requirements. To further enhance precision and efficiency in global color management, matchmycolor partnerships with market leaders now connect all participants in the color supply chain, including brand owners, designers, printers and converters.

matchmycolor state-of-the-art software is a one-platform solution for cloud management, enterprise environments and single-client installations. With its advanced multi-flux color calculation models, it can easily be connected to a wide range of measurement devices, dosing equipment, third-party software and mobile applications. It is designed to ensure consistently accurate and efficient color matching and communication no matter what the application.

matchmycolor was founded in 2009 following a management buyout of the Colibri® color management business from Ciba Specialty Chemicals, now part of BASF. It brings together a unique offering of IT services and color know-how, resulting in new, advanced software solutions for a wide range of industries.

Colibri®, the match my color logo and are registered trademarks of matchmycolor LLC. For more information go to

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