matchmycolor and PACKZ partner to offer a complete color matching and packaging solution

matchmycolor and PACKZ partner to offer a complete color matching and packaging solution

matchmycolor and PACKZ partner to offer a complete color matching and packaging solution

Companies offer seamless integration of best-of-class systems to build an exceptional packaging workflow
December 08, 2014 — matchmycolor and PACKZ today announce that the companies have signed a partnership agreement to offer a seamless way to specify and manage brand colors within PACKZ packaging tools for their customers. 

Both companies are technology leaders in the markets they serve, committed to delivering value-added solutions for their customers. They are healthy, successful companies with a range of small, medium and multi-national customers. Their expert R&D teams all listen to customer recommendations and market trends to provide innovative, best of class solutions in their areas of expertise: 

PACKZ: Productivity tools for making designs print ready
PACKZ offers productivity tools to make designs print ready. PACKZ Software offers high performance editing and workflow tools based on native PDF to increase efficiency and communication in prepress for labels and packaging. Their customers are primarily brand service companies (PMAs), trade shops and printers.

matchmycolor: Color specification, monitoring and development of color recipes
matchmycolor provides state-of-the-art software tools to the color supply chain from design to supply of finished product. The company’s tools enable the specification and management of brand color standards; the feasibility, development and accurate dispensing of color recipes; and color monitoring and reporting on the quality of goods produced. Matchmycolor tools are suitable for a wide range of applications from graphic arts, packaging, inks, cosmetics, paints, plastics, fibers and ceramics. matchmycolor has also developed plugins for high-end color management software solutions—for example, for GMG OpenColor—for packaging proofing and color separations, allowing seamless communication of color data.

The companies are working very closely to combine the color specification and management software into one, interconnected packaging solution. The objective is to offer a way to connect and integrate the packaging supply chain to provide secure and scalable productivity from the design desk to the final product. Beyond seamlessly working between each other, the companies will be providing the tools to integrate to other systems, such as, order entry, ERP, and MIS. 

The solution offered by the companies will offer an open and flexible system where users can choose the components that best fit their requirements. Customers can invest in the software tools and functionality that is best suited for them. The companies offer what customers most require: improved productivity with faster time to market, 

The companies will offer cohesive, interactive support, with an easy way to contact each other immediately. If there is a problem, there will be a proactive service program in place, offering an overlap of technical competence—and the ability to provide a direct contact for either of the two companies. 

matchmycolor and PACKZ are currently building the technical connectivity and support processes. Further product announcements from the partnership are expected in the near future.

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